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Box content

  • Drone
    • 64GB SD Card
    • Camera CAP
    • Button to start (short press and long press)
  • Charger
    • 3 slots for drone batteries
    • Always charging weakest battery first
  • Remote Control
    • 2x joystick handle
    • 1x phone adapter (+2 spare for iphone android usbc)
    • top left button: go back home (press twice)
    • top right button: power on (short press then long press)
    • back side left: record video
    • back side right: take picture
    • joystick control
      • left joystick
        • vertical: UP=go higher DOWN=go lower
        • horizontal: LEFT=turn left RIGHT=turn right
      • right joystick
        • vertical: UP=go forward DOWN=go back
        • horizontal: LEFT=move left RIGHT=move right
      • LAND = hold down on left joystick

Start the engine

  1. (REMOTE CONTROL) Unfold remote control
  2. Open antenna
  3. Install joystick
  4. Plug cable
  5. Fix phone to brackets
  6. Start remote control (top right button)
  7. (DRONE) Check battery
  8. Deploy drone (top first)
  9. Remove camera cover
  10. Start drone (short then long press)
  11. Start DJI FLY app
  12. Press [GO FLY]
  13. Press [Take off] on the left side, hold [Take off] to take off.
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